Showcasing Design and Production

Visit my work in person!

Showcasing Design and Production

Visit my work in person!


About Me

My Background


 I have enjoyed a decades-long career in theatre, first as a performer and currently as a designer and teacher, with experience as scenic designer, lighting designer, props designer, technical director, scenic artist and properties artist. I love the opportunities for conceptual work, rendering and model making, and the challenges that production work provides.

Show: Seven Year Itch

Scenic Design by Greg Loftus

Lighting Design by Kristin Abel

Photo by Kevin Abel

The Process

Show ANONymous
Photo by Kevin Abel

The design process starts with the text. The design has to meet the needs of the script, follow the constraints of the performance space and production budget and is not complete until the actors are within the environment.

Show: ANONymous

Scenic/Lighting Design by Greg Loftus

Photos by Greg Loftus


Show Divisions
Photo by Kevin Abel

From Hamlet to The Crucible to Top Dog Underdog we see the importance of storytelling as a shared experience: the experience shared between audience members, the experience shared between performer and audience and the often overlooked experience between the production artists and audience. The social and cultural activity of storytelling requires an active collaboration between the members of a theatrical company while conceiving, producing and performing the play.

Show: Division: the Trayvon/Jordan Project

Scenic/Lighting/Projection Design by Greg Loftus

Photo by Kevin Abel